Here’s a funny project I started way back in the early days of the internet! and Here’s how I explained it!

In May of 1997 I went to Zurich to visit Simon, who had been working there for 3 months on a job swap. One day wandering aimlessly with my camera I visited the Kunsthaus where there was an exhibition in progress – a series of photographic images that depicted the same people and their relative significant others over a period of about 20 years. Not unlike seven up, it was amazing to see not only how the peoples’ relationships to each other had changed, but how physically different they looked as the years went by, some in fact “getting better” with maturity. I often look back and cringe when I think what I used to look like at different stages of my life. Strangely I have little of no record of many of them. I decided that all had to change. On that afternoon I decided “I should take a photo everyday”.

It has taken me almost 5 years and a digital camera to get my act together. I am not aiming for amazing images, merely a record, and whilst I don’t really look that different in many right now, I think I will in the years to come. (Yes, with all good intentions I aim to do this for a few years).

Already I have noted some cringe worthy wardrobe choices. Click on a month below to see what I wore everyday.


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