Premiair Hire new site launched!


My latest site for Australia-wide equipment hire company – PremiAir Hire has just launched. A hard working site with a tricky back end that’s all working straight out of a fully customised WordPress template. Sort the products that you need and add them to your shortlist! More even trickier functionality will follow soon!

28mm contributions!

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In close contact 10 weeks ago I became a mother. Just like that I was entrusted with a tiny life. One to take care of, to watch over, to keep out of harms way. from that wonderful moment onwards I have been doing just that. Spending all my waking hours with her. I can’t help but now know her every little tiny crease. She’s gorgeous, the most beautiful girl in the world, right down to her ear fuzz. At last count she has been the subject of over 1000 pictures... Read The Rest →


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I was also a collaborator in Holland based 28mm photography gallery and magazine having 4 galleries published and having acollection chosen for the offline print version that marked its closure. Click here to view some of the work.  

BK (Before Kids)…

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I was an avid collaborator online. You name the online design or photography community project I was involved. One I really got hooked on was The Mirror Project. Championed by Heather Champ of previous Hrrumph fame and the partner of the now ever so famous Derek Powazek. They were real pioneers of the internet and I was lucky to have lunch with Heather on my world trip as I passed through San Francisco in 2003 Heather was a head of community at Flickr, created Jpg magaine and worked for snapfish,... Read The Rest →

New sites

.. launched for so many clients that I haven’t had time to build my own! I will start posting about all my latest work soon! Watch this space!


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Way back in 2003 I travelled around the world by myself for 3 whole months. It was the first time I had done it and my husband was amazing to let me go. Here’s the site I built as I backpacked around. (these days everyone is doing it!) Built again using fireworks ( check out all the slices) and with each photo gallery hand built in html. Imagine me with laptop and and account with an international travelling dial up connection (who’s name eludes me!), uploading each night from my... Read The Rest →


To my new site. Its still very much under construction! Its taken so long to start organising all my work that most of it still hasn’t made it online yet. Check back soon for more updates!


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Back in the old days before facebook we did lots of tricky things like this…  but it looks like its broken now. You can visit it but you can’t send :( This was tricky! And it certainly increased my coding skills. Create a postcard and then let users personalise it and then html send it to their friends. Also so way before social networking,,, and hosted on my own site back in 2000. The view below showcases my Christmas cards from 2002


Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 1.21.42 AM

Another little project of mine.. When Maeve was small I decided to start drawing cute animals for her room. This became a small hand made brand that sits still on the backburner today. After stints in markets and a small online store and a shop in Etsy maybe one day it will reappear! .

guestmaps… also way before facebook!

Looks like this one no longer works. Back in the day (and I mean before most of you were born… well I mean around 1997ish) I launched a Guest Map on my website. The idea to have guests who visited my site collaborate and mark where they were from. I suppose this was an early for of social networking… but then again so was ICQ!!!


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Back before WordPress, in the days of embedding “Blogger” into your own domains without tricky Google accounts, I used to build basic websites for everything. I guess I was a photo blogger before the word existed! Here’s an ever so funny site made in Fireworks and Dreamweaver with loads of tiny images and grids! to Launch my best work yet – My first child Maeve, into the world!


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Here’s a funny project I started way back in the early days of the internet! and Here’s how I explained it! In May of 1997 I went to Zurich to visit Simon, who had been working there for 3 months on a job swap. One day wandering aimlessly with my camera I visited the Kunsthaus where there was an exhibition in progress – a series of photographic images that depicted the same people and their relative significant others over a period of about 20 years. Not unlike seven up, it... Read The Rest →

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