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Paul Ferguson

Chief Exploration Geologist

Paul grew up on the land north of Dubbo and has over 20 years experience as a geologist conducting exploration programmes and supervising drilling programmes in minerals and groundwater projects throughout Australia, China and western Mongolia. He has also worked in field, laboratory and data management roles at Geoscience Australia. Paul has also conducted extensive fieldwork and research into the tectonic evolution and hydrothermal history of Macquarie Island in the sub-Antarctic, and the evolution of the Queensland Coast and Great Barrier Reef. Paul has conducted groundwater exploration surveys throughout Australia and it is due to his commitment that Geo9 was created. Over the past year, Paul has developed an approach known as ‘DIVINE Modelling’ (Geo9’s ‘Deep Identification of Vertical Interconnectivity and New Element Modelling’) for improved groundwater impact modelling of coal seam gas extraction.

Jim Luders

Exploration Geologist

Jim has over 15 years experience as a senior exploration and underground mine geologist in Australia, as well as in Vanuatu and China. Since 2002, he has also undertaken geophysical surveys for groundwater and canal seepage studies in NSW and Victoria.When not in the field as a geologist, Jim co-manages the family farm near Gundagai in NSW and is an active member of the Tumut River Landowners Association.

Michael Cook

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Manager

Michael provides the office-based GIS (Geographic Information Systems) analysis and assessments to develop the survey strategy and conducts reconnaissance trips to properties as required. Michael has worked in the area of water exploration for almost 10 years and during that time has assessed the groundwater potential of over 500 properties around Australia.

Maya Sydney

Managing Director

Maya is the hub for the business from her office in Sydney. Our very own “Divine Ms M“, Maya previously managed another groundwater surveying company in 2002-2003. Prior to starting Geo9, Maya worked in communications and also studied medicine for a time.

Dr David Allen


David has specialised in groundwater geophysics since the 1990′s and authored a report called “Geophysical Methods in the Irrigation Industry” for the Australian Government in 2007. David is one of Geo9′s technology partners and we provide field support for Groundwater Imaging projects as required.

Leon Williams

Geophysicist | Electronics Engineer

Leon is a highly experienced geophysicist with over 25 years experience in ground and airborne mineral exploration in Australia and in many countries in the Americas, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His roles involved electronics design engineering, geophysics, global research and development for the Geotem electromagnetic system, field project management, global manager for Geoterrex (now Fugro) electronics department and earlier, as operations manager in Australia. More recently Leon has specialised in X- Ray equipment and analysis for geological and coal and mining assays and has been a senior consultant to Geo9 since our inception.

Paul Ssali

Geophysicist | Agricultural Engineer

Paul has extensive experience in groundwater hydrology, exploration and also in geophysics for environmental, geotechnical and mining applications. Over the last 10 years, Paul has planned and overseen numerous groundwater exploration and development projects throughout East Africa for municipal, industrial, agriculture and humanitarian water supply. He has particular expertise in 2D, 3D, surface, down-hole and marine resistivity and IP imaging surveys..

Anne Pickles

Geophysicist | Data Processor
Anne has processed high resolution airborne geophysical data from extensive surveys in Australia, India, Oman and Scotland. She has extensive experience in quality control and processed magnetic, radiometric, altitude, GPS position, altimeter and dirurnal data. Outside of her work with Geo9, Anne runs

James Harvey

Junior Geologist
James is a recent graduate geologist with a particular interest in hydrogeology and a commitment to improving groundwater solutions for rural Australia. He has worked as a jackaroo on Montejinni Station in the Northern Territory in addition to other farm hand and labouring jobs.

Jac Warne

Field Support
Jac has advanced trade certificates in mechanical and electrical engineering and over 40 years experience in diverse roles. A true all-rounder, we haven’t found anything that Jac can’t turn his hand to yet and he is an extremely valued member of our field team.

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