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What do I get in Geo9's final report?
Before we come on site, we have completed our Groundwater Report which is an expert analysis of the geological, hydrogeological and airborne geophysical data relating to your property. This report enables us to identify the target areas for on-site surveying at your property. After surveying on-site, our final report indicates the exact GPS (global positioning system) coordinates and target depth range to drill test holes. We also confirm explains the survey strategy and any further in-field observations are added. Where possible, we indicate the possible rock types underground to help the driller choose the most appropriate drilling method and equipment.
Is your service more accurate than divining?
Yes. Not everyone believes in divining and results from divining can vary dramatically. Our approach uses proven, standard scientific methods and equipment that has been used in mineral exploration for decades. Our approach offers a scientific alternative that is cost-effective, modern and designed to detect variations in the rocks under your property. Click here to listen to an ABC radio interview where Geo9′s Senior exploration geologist Paul Ferguson explains why science is more effective than divining.
Do you claim success rates for finding water?
We like to claim that we are 100% useful! Our service can fulfil a number of objectives – we can help pinpoint water, we can save you wasting money on futile drilling efforts if water is unlikely to be present, or we can assist with planning for future developments.

We won’t always find groundwater, because it won’t always be there. But we can confidently say that our service is totally effective in minimising risk and maximising your probability of successful drilling. Our guiding principle is to minimise risk and cost for you at every possible opportunity.

I have a preferred spot in mind - can you find water there?
Yes, we can test it to check with the electro kinetic seismic method known as EKS if it’s worth drilling or not.
Can you guarantee to find water?
No. Our reports and surveys will indicate a location to drill to maximise the probability of striking groundwater, if one exists. We infer this from our analysis of geological, airborne geophysical and hydrogeological data and the on-site surveying of your property. However, despite all this work, we cannot guarantee a groundwater supply or if there is sufficient flow from it. This can only be concluded from careful drilling at the site.
I've drilled before and not found groundwater. Is it worth looking at again?
Yes. At a minimum, it’s worth doing a desktop study which includes a review of the geological, geophysical and climate data regarding your property. In many areas, we can also research nearby bores to benchmark the possible depth and nature of any groundwater supplies that are present.
Will you save me money when looking for groundwater?
Yes, in most cases we will. We guarantee that you will get a totally comprehensive approach and an expert report that evaluates your property’s geological formation and groundwater potential. Our report provides landowners with a lot of valuable insights into the structure of their property and is a very handy reference to keep, especially for any future valuation of your property.
Do you come on site before surveying to view the land?
Yes in some cases. In complex environments, we recommend one of our geologists visits your property to assess the geology and locations in person, to confirm the best exploration strategy and most appropriate survey technology. This reconnaissance ensures we don’t waste your time and money when Geo9′s entire field team is on-site later to conduct a survey.
Why should I use Geo9 if I can use that money on drilling?
There are many situations where it can prove difficult to pinpoint the best spot to drill. For example where groundwater is tightly confined, the geological structures and rock properties are not sufficient to meet the need or the watertable is deep. This is why we carefully research as much as we can about your property before we make any recommendations. In some cases it might be cost-effective to test drill in a few locations rather than use geophysics and we can supervise the drilling to achieve the best outcome. In most cases our services will narrow down the drilling targets and advise you of your options, and this should save you money on unnecessary drilling.
Should Geo9 be present when the driller comes on site?
Ideally, yes if budget and timing allows. This will provide the optimum result by correlating the survey data and the actual drilling results, and provide guidance when drilling additional targets. Our field geologists can accurately identify and document any intersected rock type or aquifer, which can be very useful in future groundwater exploration and assists in the accurate reporting to your water licensing authority.



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